It's  Time for a
New Bread Compilation CD

A couple decades ago, Kellie (my best pal of all time) generated a proposal for a new and compelling Bread compilation – one that could be Volume 1 of probably 3 or 4 if one were to make a fresh new series of Bread CDs for the 21st Century. Personally, I think this is Bread at their very best, and Bread albums as they are best-known have already appeared multiple times. Look who is singing lead on most of these songs!

The order of the songs is roughly chronological and is made interesting by the way each one musically sets up the next. If one would burn a CD with these songs in this order and only allow a half-second between each song (that's a key issue), the excitement just does not let up. "For All We Know" and "Could I" come on like a prelude and fugue, getting one's attention from the get-go.

None of these songs deserve their perpetual obscurity. In fact, may I be so bold-faced as to state that a lot of bands would be proud to have a greatest hits album of such substance and variety as this. I would really be overjoyed if a CD containing this list of songs could get on the market.

The original list was posted here September 21, 2001 and slightly revised over the years.

  1  For All We Know (Griffin demo) 
  2  Could I
  3  Don't Shut Me Out
  4  The Last Time
  5  Any Way You Want Me
  6  Move Over
  7  You Can't Measure The Cost
  8  Why Do You Keep Me Waiting
  9  Blue Satin Pillow
10  I Am That I Am
11  Been Too Long On The Road 
12  I Want You With Me
13  Call On Me

14  What A Change
15  I Say Again
16  Too Much Love
17  Look What You've Done 
18  Take Comfort
19  Just Like Yesterday
20  Down On My Knees
21  Dream Lady
22  Games Of Magic
23  Picture In Your Mind
24  Fancy Dancer
25  Fly Away

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