My Nashville Story

Story and Photos by David Crawt

Sunday 29th February, The Last Day

I got a call from Kebana to tell me it was breakfast time. I was already up and ready to go so we went down together in the lift...err...I mean elevator, and met the others for breakfast. The conversation was all about the night before and when we might all get to do this again.

After breakfast we checked out of the hotel and went off in the Chevrolet in search of James' house. We had the address and knew that it wasn't far away so figured we'd go and have a look.

On arriving in the area, we stopped at a petrol...err...I mean, gas station and asked for directions. The guy couldn't find the road on his map so we tried the local fire station. Val & Kebana disappeared into the station and returned with a fire fighter who gave us directions.

We set off but figured we'd gone wrong. 'Oh look, there's a fire station', 'Let's ask in there'. So, for the second time, we asked a fire fighter.

We found James' house but just drove by and then turned around at the road end and drove back past. Lisa gave me her cell phone and I called James to tell him that we were all now on our way home. His voice mail was on so I left a message on it. What he didn't know is that we were within just a few yards of his home when I made that call. Of course, he'll know now (are you reading this James?).

We all had planes to catch (except Val) so headed back to Nashville and planned to spend the last hour or so at the 'Opry Mills' shopping mall. However, we had to negotiate major road works and that left little time for shopping.

While in the car waiting in the jam, we got talking about some of the differences between the 'English' language and the 'American English' language. It was real funny at times!! I also got to tell a few of my jokes (sorry guys!!). Words and phrases like knickers, pants, elevators, waistcoats (yes, I know, Vests) & 'spending a penny', were all discussed.

On arrival at the airport we all checked in and checked our flight times; all were on time. We had a drink and something to eat before saying our farewells and going our separate ways.

When I reached the gate, my flight was showing a 20-minute delay. Since my connection time was only 45 minutes to start with, this left me with only 25. The lady said it shouldn't be a problem since I would not have to check-in or anything at Chicago but just get from one plane to the other.

The delay then got longer and it was looking very likely that I would miss the London flight. I was told that they could put me on a later British Airways one or an even later American Airlines one if I did miss it.

We got airborne but things didn't look good. You may remember from Part One of my story that I'd booked the front seat on the Nashville- Chicago flight...I must have known what was going to happen.

We parked at the gate in Chicago at 08:12 and the London plane was due to leave at 08:15. As soon as the ramp was there, I was first off the plane and ran all the way from gate C12 to K15. I just made it and sat down in my seat with seconds to spare.

The flight home was uneventful. I watched three movies and slept.

I think next time we'll do all this in...England, or maybe Wales. What do you think?

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