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Welcome to our Farm Microbiology Website.

This website is developed for students in the Farm and Industry Short Course in Farm Microbiology at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Much of the material within was prepared by the previous instructor, Dr. Ken Todar.

E-mail the instructor at [email protected].

  Farm Microbiology Syllabus for 2003.

  Course Outlines Followed in 2003:
    (Links to Notes for this term are indicated on the respective section pages.)

Section 1 – Introduction to Microbiology.

Section 2 – Basic Structure, Genetics, Habitats, Physiology, Nutrition and Growth of Bacteria.

Section 3 – General Survey of Important Microorganisms: Prokaryotes (Bacteria & Archae) and Eucaryotes (Protozoa and the Microscopic Fungi and Algae).

Section 4 – Soil Microbiology, Cycling of Elements and Biodegredation.

Section 5 – Food Microbiology – including Dairy and Silage Microbiology.

Section 6 – Microbial Diseases of Humans, Animals and Plants.

Section 7 – Water and Wastewater Microbiology.

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