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Note: The domain went off-line in December, 2016, and the websites on that domain were transferred from the latest file copies to The sites so transferred include the "retired" Microbiology 102 site, Selected General Microbiology Topics and the Bread site.


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"Responding to a vision or two, the Mad Hatter (DJ at KZEV-FM in Clear Lake, Iowa) decided a tribute to Buddy Holly was in order on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of his fatal plane crash just north of town. Holly, Ritchie Valens and J. P. Richardson died along with pilot Roger Peterson shortly after 1 AM on February 3, 1959 after their show at the Surf Ballroom. And so it came to pass that The Tribute to Buddy Holly Concert was held on Saturday night, February 3, 1979."
(What evolved from this is covered here.)

This is an image of a hypothetical roadside marker from the Bread site. The dedication ceremony for James Griffin's actual "marker" on Beale Street begins here.

Home and Related Pages:

JOHN L's OLD MAP COLLECTION with Information and Photos on the associated History and Geography:

More History:

Things Mathematical, Calendrical and Astronomical:


Concert Photos and Noteworthy Musicians:

  • Events at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa (concert photos, stories, etc.):
    • Yearly "Tributes" and Winter Dance Parties for 1979 through 2002 are on and have their home page here. Photos from some concerts are linked from this page with more to be hopefully added in the future.
    • A special 2002 tribute to Buddy Holly and his associates.
    • Continuation of the yearly events (2003 and beyond) is indicated on this page with links to collections of photos (more to come from Facebook).
  • More concert photos are collected here and include Frank Black in Madison, Roy Orbison, Rick Nelson and Bobby Vee in concert and some shots from the 2007 Green Bay rockabilly event.
  • John L's Breadsite started out in 1997 as an HTML table-making exercise and has become a multi-page celebration of what really cannot be catagorized as a just a 13-hit soft-rock group, despite what the chart-oriented commercial radio stations would have us believe. Photos from a 1997 reunion concert in Arlington, Texas are included as well as discographies.
  • The Crickets – a rough list of personnel through the years plus some recently-added photos of their final public performance which occured at the Surf Ballroom in 2016.


  • The World Wide Web's very first Splammo Page! (Now, according to a Google search, there are dozens – perhaps hundreds – of pages that utilize this magic word.)
  • is on-line, and appears to be up for grabs.

Continuing with cultural activities, the following items constitute
"John L's Bacteriology Pages" which are also indexed here
with additional commentary.

At least the Selected General Microbiology Topics will remain on the web in perpetuity – freely-accessible as always. Even though the Bacteriology 102 Site and the Microbiology 102 Site may be technically "archived," the reference material dealing with subject matter which is found in each site is updated as necessary.

Selected General Microbiology Topics:  Most are probably applicable to any general microbiology lab course. General index page is here.

The Archived / "Semi-Retired" Bacteriology 102 Website for Fall Semester, 2006:
Note: The pages marked with an asterisk (*) are in the process of being updated onto our "Selected General Microbiology Topics" Site (above), and eventually they will disappear from the list below. Also, these pages deal with subjects concerning laboratory microbiology in general and are not meant to be exclusive to any particular course.

The Archived / "Semi-Retired" Microbiology 102 Website for Spring Semester, 2014:

  • Home Page (Course Updates and Links to General Information)
  • Site contents include:
    • Lab Lecture Notes and Course Information for the Current Semester
    • Virtual Laboratory Experiments and Explanations of General Concepts which are not found on other sites

More Archived Courses:

To what plant does this flower belong? Click here.
  • Farm Microbiology Short Course Website for Spring Term, 2008 (archived):
    • Home Page
    • Lecture Outlines with Notes (downloadable pdf files)
  • Bacteriology 304 Website for Fall Semester, 2003 (archived):
    • Home Page (Course Introduction, Useful Links, etc.)
    • The Three Quizzes Given This Semester
    • Some Aseptic Transfer Procedures
    • Review of Microscope Technique
    • Directions for the Phase-Contrast Microscope
  • Bacteriology/Food Science 324 Website for Fall Semester, 1999 (archived):
    • Home Page (Course Introduction, Useful Links, etc.)
    • Old Quiz Questions and Answer Keys
    • Sample Problems and Answer Keys
    • Old Final Exams and Answer Key

E. B. Fred Hall:


Items listed on this site outline are the authorized and perpetually updated sites and pages that are intended for the web.

All of my web efforts are presently on private domains, having been moved from the UW-Madison web servers. Around 2000, these private domains were providing a place to put "mirror sites" for my bacteriology-related web pages, and – as I found these servers to be ultra-secure, reliable and easy to work with – I wound up putting virtually everything there exclusively. These web pages will always remain free and accessible 24/7, and they are immune to hackers and the vagaries of the local power supply.

There exist certain publicly-funded, non-UW .edu sites which copy old editions (circa 2000) of many of the above-listed pages without authorization. Improvements and changes in our teaching methods, course content and personal information are not reflected. Links are broken and images are missing. Unfortunately these useless "resource" sites rank high with search engines but happily they are easily detected as just described. Draining the web of its cesspool of piracy and plagiarism is long overdue.

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