My Nashville Story

Story and Photos by David Crawt
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Saturday 28th February, 'The Bluebird'

I got a call from Kebana to tell me that it was nearly time for our trip to 'The Bluebird'. I freshened up and got changed ready for the evening ahead.

Lisa had hired a large Chevrolet Ventura vehicle so we all climbed aboard and set off. The Ladies wanted to get some flowers to give to James so we stopped on the way at a shop.

The Bluebird was not a big venue; we had a great table just a few feet away from where James sat as part of a group of four musicians sitting in a circle. With his back to us was Bill Lloyd. Next around to his left was Walter Egan. Rusty Young sat opposite Bill and James was opposite Walter.

The evening started with a song from Bill and then each took his turn as they went around the circle. Here is a list of songs performed by James:

  1. You Can Depend on Me
  2. Who's Gonna Know
  3. It Don't Matter to Me
  4. All My Love All My Life
  5. Everything I Own
  6. High On A Hill In Marbella
  7. Just Say When
  8. Chain Gang

At one point, Rusty Young said he'd like to thank some of his fans who had made an 800-mile journey to be there that evening. I looked at James, and James looked at me. I knew what he was thinking. That's a long way, but Mr. Crawt has come 4500 miles!!

I thought he'd say something when it was next his turn to sing but he didn't. He waited until nearly the end and then thanked all of us fans who had come to see him. He then told everybody that I'd come all the way from England and went on to sing 'Just Say When'. At the end of that song, he dedicated it to me...thanks James.

At the end of the evening James still had time to spend with us. Talking, joking and having more photos taken. I asked if I could have a go on his guitar and he said yes. I started to play the intro chords to 'Make It With You' and heard James start to sing along. Wow! I've played at 'The Bluebird'!!!.

Just before James left for home, he said he'd like to visit England and asked me if he could stay at my house. I said 'Yes you can, but it's not a very big house'. 'I'll have to buy you a bigger one then' was his reply.

James got into his blue Lexus SC400 coupe, and he was gone. We all got back into the Chevrolet and went back to the hotel after stopping for Tacos. Time for bed.

Val, Kebana, David, Judy & Lisa

David, Val, Kebana & Judy





Who's that on guitar?

James, Kebana, Val, Judy & David


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