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Cat Dreams

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A Few Old Photos from Decades Ago

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x Here is one of my earliest cat photos, taken in the spring of 1957 with an old Kodak box camera. (I was of course just a tiny kid then.)
x The gray generation (above) was followed by the blonde generation. From the top are Goldie, Blondie and Marilyn.
x A later generation included our old pink tomcat (named "Tom") who we had for many years. Here he's teaching the new dog an old trick.
x Tom forever swore off killing birds after being nailed in the forehead by Nate, our Wyandotte rooster (at left). Subsequently, the two often sought each other's counsel on peaceful terms, although Tom felt obliged to watch his back.
x Down in the dumps again.

Back to the Most Recent Generation

"Gray Kitty": July 25, 1982 – October 7, 1999
"White Kitty": July 25, 1982 – May 5, 2001

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x Official portrait.
x Looking guilty.
x Just passing time and gas on a lazy afternoon.
x Showing off by walking around the windowsill on my old Ford Tempo.
x x Many cats prefer water that has been properly "aged" to fresh water. It's probably nature's way of exercising the digestive and immune systems.
x Another thing I've noticed about cats: They do not seem to regard what is reflected in regular flat mirrors, but they find images in convex mirrors quite fascinating.
x Trying to make it go.

A Basketful of Cats in 3-D

A parting shot taken with a 3-D camera.

While sitting farther back and at the
level of your monitor, look at both
photos, letting your eyes uncross and
re-focus on the superimposed images.


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