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X  Principles Applicable to Many of our pH-Based Differential Media (formerly on this page)
       One can get a practical introduction to the formulation of such media on this page.

X  Glucose Fermentation Broth and Glucose O/F Medium
       Note separate pages on Glucose Fermentation Broth and Glucose O/F Medium.

X  Thioglycollate Medium and the Concept of "Oxygen Relationships"
       Note the new simplified page on Thioglycollate Medium.

X  Motility Medium

X  Starch Agar:  Amylase Test

X  Blood Agar:  Hemolytic Reactions and the CAMP Test

X  Enteric Plating Media I:  MacConkey, Hektoen Enteric, Brilliant Green and XLD Agars
       (Our "simplified Bact. 102 demonstration" is on this page.)

X  Enteric Plating Media II:  EMB Agar for the Isolation of Coliforms

X  Enteric Plating Media III:  ET Agar for the Isolation of Edwardsiella tarda

X  Some Multipurpose Enteric Screening Media – KIA, TSI, LIA and MIO
       A page summarizing just KIA and MIO is here, and one summarizing just TSI and LIA is here.

On the Bacteriology 102 Site, KIA formulation is discussed (1) here and (2) here.
Also on the Bact. 102 Site, check out the media-related "thought questions" here.

See our SITE OUTLINE for related items such as Catabolism and Bacterial Nutrition.


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