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Part 3: A Special Fall, 2004 Trip
to Madeline Island
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On October 23, 2004, finding the fall colors pretty much on the wane around home in the Hayward area, we figured just maybe they were going strong up by Lake Superior. And then, hearing about the probability of storms on and around the lake, we felt an adventure was definitely in order. But who really needs a reason for a road trip to the big lake anyway! It's always satisfying any time of the year! And no two visits to Madeline Island can ever be alike.

31: Looking from the ferry on the trip from Bayfield to Madeline Island, here's a dark cloud hanging over Basswood Island.

Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Where is my mind?
Way out in the water    
See it swimmin'

Lyric by Black Francis
From "Where Is My Mind"
 On the album "Surfer Rosa"
by The Pixies

32: Approaching the village of La Pointe.

33–34: Some pretty good fall coloring along Schoolhouse Road in the northeast end of Madeline Island.

35–36: On the northeast shore – doing a little bit of island spotting as shown on the previous page – we are looking north to Stockton Island as some clouds start to roll in.

37: The darkened area to the right of center is Presque Isle (French for "almost island") Point of Stockton Island. Outer Island is barely visible in the distance to the right.

38–39: A normal and a telefoto view of Michigan Island. The lighthouse is near the southernmost tip of the island.

40: Gull Island pops in and out of view, but something not noticed during the first sighting from this spot a few months earlier (Photo 11B on the previous page) is a vertical structure appearing like a distant smokestack which just might be the Gull Island beacon. A magnified view is shown here.

A newspaper article detailing the joys of visiting Madeline Island in the fall can be found here.

41: We now find ourselves at the north end of the Big Bay beach, looking toward the east-northeast at the dark clouds that have just given us a good drenching. The watery area in the foreground is actually the northern tip of the Big Bay Lagoon which is normally at a higher level and empties into the lake at this spot. At this particular time – with higher atmospheric pressure pressing down elsewhere – the lake has piled up (can you say seiche?) and is trickling through in the opposite direction.

The summer droughts in recent years (especially 2003-2005) severely reduced the water levels throughout the area. The Big Bay Lagoon was noticeably affected, and a dramatic example is shown here of the St. Croix River at the Coppermine Dam in October, 2003.

42–43: A closer look at the rocky shoreline that takes over from the beach.

44: Looking east over the bay, we see mammatus clouds forming in the wake of the storm that had just passed. And then, looking toward the southwest, we notice more rain on the way.

45: A nice autumnal view of the main street in La Pointe.

46: Halloween festivities in La Pointe were already underway with a scarecrow contest. One of the entries seen along the streets is shown here. Kellie said, "Look, they must have used one of our old photos to set up this one!" Now, that's scary!

47–49: Some views from the ferry dock in the late afternoon.

50: Bayfield on the mainland is lit up as night falls. What a neat place to call home!


















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