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13: One of my favorite pastimes is watching the patches of mulleins develop alongside the highways and railroads over the course of the summer.

14: Another expected and vital part of the Wisconsin landscape are the thousands of animal reproductions that always brighten everyone's day, I am so sure. This Buddy Holly wannabe is near DeForest.

15: This guy provided refreshment on the corner in Lyndon Station for many years.

16–17: Two representations of Black River Falls' distinctive orange moose, one of which is easily visible from the Interstate. Click here for an image reminiscent of the movie "2001." (Cue the music.)

18: The falls at a little town called Cataract.

19: Land for sale! Ready to move.

20: An image in the clouds – as if laughing at the devastation it left behind.

21–22: The prelude to a sunset near Spooner. The actual sunset was kinda blah.

23–25: An interesting sunset near Lodi on November 30, 2003. The clouds originated as jet contrails which tend to spread out in their "aging" process.

26: Around 9:00 AM on October 17, 2003, the eastern sky in Eau Claire looked like this. According to meteorologist Dave Anderson at KBJR-TV in Duluth, these are Altostratus clouds, and the undulating appearance is due to wind put into a wavy motion by topographic obstacles, most likely the rolling terrain of the area. A closeup view is shown here, and a larger panorama is seen here. I have been noticing this cloud pattern a lot since then. In this photo taken "in the early morning summertime" (as the song goes), the clouds are moving rapidly en masse from west to east (top to bottom) over the Hayward area.

27: Also in Eau Claire, I awoke to this sunrise on January 7, 2004. Those pesky contrails make for interesting sunrises as well as sunsets (above).

28: Oh, to take the train again – like I did back in the early 1970s for at least part of the trip. The one seen here chugging through the countryside can only go 10-15 mph on the deteriorating tracks.

29: Returning to that stretch of road seen on the previous page that is quite prone to traffic stoppage, my favorite billboard of all time graced the roadside on the southbound lanes of I-90/94 just south of Lyndon Station in the early 1990s. The sight of this sign – even on the coldest, snowiest winter days – invigorated me to no end.















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