Photos from the "Rockin' 50's Fest III"
at Oneida Bingo & Casino in Green Bay, Wisconsin

May, 2007

Photos by John Lindquist.

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This is certainly not a comprehensive photographic compendium, as I could only attend the last day and a half of this event which ran May 16-20, 2007. Official details and relevant links are on the Oneida Bingo & Casino and Rockabilly Hall of Fame sites. The photos shown here were taken with actual film (!) utilizing stage lighting (i.e., no distracting flash). I didn't have the telefoto lens available Saturday, and a few shots are rendered in sepia tone where the original colors were awful. I would really like to get the name of each of the individual performers in the following photos.

A1   A2

B1   B2   B3   B4

C1   C2   C3   C4   C5 

Saturday Evening, May 19:

A1-A2: James Intveld.

B1: Mac Curtis. The first of four artists to appear in an hour-long set.

B2: Ray Campi. A great artist, gentleman and walking encyclopedia who I had the great pleasure of meeting thanks to Alan Clark. Ray's detailing of the career of cowboy singer Ray Whitley was much appreciated.

B3: Johnny Powers.

B4: Joe Clay.

C1-C5: The Collins Kids. With the "excuse" that the words to "Let's Have A Party" (a Collins Kids original) were forgotten, Wanda Jackson was easily persuaded to come out and save the day (Photo C5).


E1   E2


G1   G2   G3

H1   H2   H3

I1    I2

J1    J2


L1   L2    L3

Sunday Afternoon and Evening, May 20:

D1: Sonny West.

E1-E2: The Bobbettes.

F1: Marvin Rainwater.

G1-G3: Wanda Jackson with the Lustre Kings.

H1-H3: Slim Jim Phantom and Darrell Higham.

I1-I2: Dale Hawkins.

J1-J2: Filling in for the ailing Bo Diddley: Slim Jim Phantom, Darrell Higham & Co.

K1: Speedo and the Cadillacs.

L1-L3: Rocky Burnette and Darrell Higham. Rocky sang his Dad's "Dreamin'" as a slow acoustic ballad which I thought was the highlight of his act. So when is Bear Family going to start putting out a complete biodiscographical Darrell Higham CD compilation? Volume I is long overdue.

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