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Original Gates LP still not officially reissued on CD: "Take Me Now" (Arista).


A number of the early singles listed below are also listed in the Rockin' Country Style discographies: Click on David Gates and the Vibes, and note the inclusion on these pages of song samples, label photos, and info on compilations containing listed songs, some of which are presently available through (See note "D" at bottom of this page.)

David Gates can be heard with country singer Billy Dean on a number of songs appearing in Dean's more recent CDs, one of which was co-produced by Gates and Dean. Information on the Gates-Dean collaborations can be found by examining the discography on the Billy Dean website.

Gates and Melissa Manchester recorded the duet "Wish We Were Heroes" for her Arista LP "Hey Ricky" which was released in 1982. Note the discography on the Melissa Manchester website. The song may also be on one of her singles; I remember hearing it on the radio in the early 1980s.

Gates also wrote or co-wrote "Standing In The Eyes Of The World" for the XVI Commonwealth Games which were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Sept 11-21, 1998.


label & no. A & B sides year
Perspective Sound
Jo Baby / Lovin' At Night 1957 A D
Perspective Sound
Pretty Baby / Cryin' For You 1958? B D
Robbins 1008 Jo Baby / Lovin' At Night 1958 C D
East-West 123 Swingin' Baby Doll / Walkin' And Talkin' 1959  
Mala 413 What's This I Hear / You'll Be My Baby 1960  
Mala 418 The Happiest Man Alive /
The Road That Leads To Love
1960 D2*
Top Rank JAR-504 The Happiest Man Alive /
The Road That Leads To Love
Mala 427 Jo Baby (version 2) / Teardrops In My Heart 1961  
GSP 1 Sad September / Tryin' To Be Someone 1962 E
Del-Fi 4206 No One Really Loves A Clown /
You Had It Comin' To You
Del-Fi 4248 The Oakie Surfer / Blue Surf (instrumental?) 1964 F
JADS 301 My Baby's Gone Away / Kiss And Tell 1964  
Manchester 101 She Don't Cry / There's A Heaven 1964? G
Planetary 103 Little Miss Stuck-Up / The Brighter Side 1965 G
Planetary 104 Just A Lot Of Talk / Love Or Money 1965 G2
Planetary 107 Sad September / Star Of The Show 1965 G2
Planetary 108 Let You Go / Once Upon A Time 1965  
Vee-Jay 700 I Don't Come From England /
Dragon Fly (instrumental)
1965 H
Elektra 45857 Clouds / I Use The Soap 1973  
Elektra K12114 Clouds / I Use The Soap 1973  
Elektra 45868 Sail Around The World / Help Is On The Way 1973  
Elektra K12126 Sail Around The World / Help Is On The Way 1973  
London 197 Sad September / Tryin' To Be Someone 1974 E R
Elektra K12162 Suite: Clouds, Rain (part 1) /
Suite: Clouds, Rain (part 2)
Elektra 45223 Never Let Her Go / Watch Out 1975  
Elektra K12165 Never Let Her Go / Watch Out 1974/75  
Elektra 45245 Part-Time Love / Chain Me 1975  
Elektra K12179 Part-Time Love / Sunday Rider 1975  
Elektra 45065 Clouds / Sail Around The World ? R
Elektra K12229 Suite: Clouds, Rain / ? ? R
Elektra K12230 Sail Around The World / Never Let Her Go ? R
Elektra 45450 Goodbye Girl / Sunday Rider 1977  
Elektra K12276 Goodbye Girl / Sunday Rider 1977  
Elektra 45500 Took The Last Train / Ann 1978  
Elektra K12307 Took The Last Train / Ann 1978  
Elektra 45096 Goodbye Girl / Took The Last Train ? R
Elektra 46588 Where Does The Lovin' Go / Starship Ride 1979  
Elektra 46646 Can I Call You / Chingo 1980  
Elektra 47011 Falling In Love Again / Sweet Desire 1980  
Elektra K12423 Falling In Love Again / Starship Ride 1980  
Elektra K12439 Where Does The Lovin' Go / Chingo 1980  
Arista 0615 Take Me Now / It's What You Say 1981  
Arista 0653 Come Home For Christmas / Lady Valentine 1981  
Arista ARIST 446 Come Home For Christmas / It's What You Say 1981  

("EQ" denotes quadrophonic album.)

label LP no. CD no. title year
Elektra EKS-75066 / EQ-5066 WOU-7506 First 1973 K
Elektra K42150 60910 First 1973  
Elektra 7E-1028 / EQ-1028 WOU-1028 Never Let Her Go 1975 K
Elektra K52012 Never Let Her Go 1975  
Elektra 8E-6002(promo only?) David Gates Songbook 1976? I
Elektra 6E-148 WOU-614 Goodbye Girl 1978 K
Elektra K52091 WPCP 4166 Goodbye Girl 1978  
Elektra 6E-251 WOU-6251 Falling In Love Again 1980 K
Elektra K52206 Falling In Love Again 1980  
Arista AL-9563 Take Me Now 1981  
Arista SPART 1175 / 203910 Take Me Now 1981  
Discovery 77012 Love Is Always Seventeen 1994  
Jive 0927491402 David Gates Songbook –
A Lifetime in Music
2002 J


A = Released as by "The Accents / Vocal by David Gates." "Lovin' At Night" shows how guitar tremolo can supply the beat. Hear this song a few times and it might become difficult to get it out of your head. A 1958 cover by Sammy Salvo (RCA) tries to improve the lyrics somewhat. I remember reading somewhere that only 500 copies of the Perspective Sound record were made; that could be reflected in the "500" part of the record's catalog number. The first 6 numbers of the catalog no. look like a date – December 10, 1957, perhaps? (Recording date?)

B = Released as by "The Vibes / Vocal by Ronnie Franklin." (Ronnie Franklin is David Gates.) "Pretty Baby" has an intense instrumental break in the middle with a blood-curdling scream inserted during a transition point. As for the previous single, a date is suggested by the catalog number – in this case, May 8, 1958?

C = Released as by "Dave Gates and the Accents." That this single was released as early as 1958 (disputed by some) is shown in a Billboard review dated July 14, 1958.

D = That's Leon Russell on piano. At least two of the compilations containing early Gates singles are easily available through "Lovin' At Night" is on the "Rough Stuff" CD (Buffalo Bop #55065) and "Pretty Baby" is on "Alley Cat" (Buffalo Bop #55035).

D2 = This single was released in South Africa on the Ridge label. The labels are shown here, and the record sleeve is shown here. Note that this is a 78 rpm record! Thank you to John Truelove for these photos.

E = Released as by "Dave and Lee." (Lee is Leon Russell.)

F = Released as by "The Country Boys."

G = Released as by "Del Ashley."

G2 = Released as by "Grady & Brady."

H = Released as by "The Manchesters."

I = The Phonolog index of record releases as well as the Schwann Catalog listed this album under "Bread" in the late 1970s. It is possible that there are promo copies, but the album was not issued commercially in the U.S. Track listing has so far been elusive. The same catalog number is found on the 2-LP set "So Early in the Spring: The First 15 Years" by Judy Collins, issued in 1977.

J = Released on Sept. 30, 2002 in the U.K., this CD contains ten Bread tracks plus five earlier Gates solo releases and five new recordings; track listing is shown here. Rather than being an expanded issue of the earlier LP whose actual release was questionable (note "I" just above), this release appears to use the same title for a fresh concept. IMHO, "Find Me" is enough reason to obtain this CD.

K = In 2008, the Wounded Bird reissue label released David Gates' Elektra LPs on CD. Their catalog numbers have the "WOU-" prefix indicated.

R = Reissue single. ("Elektra Treasured Track" in the UK for the Elektra releases.)

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