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  • UK releases are shown in green. James Griffin's duet with Terry Sylvester on "Travellin' Boy" is mentioned here.
  • Years shown are of original release.
  • Links to photos of record labels, album covers, etc. are occasionally added.
  • Letters in "Notes" column are explained in the footnotes at the bottom of the page.  An asterisk (*) by the letter indicates some special links from the footnote to multiple photos of the record.
  • For the Hard-Core Griffin Collectors:  A compilation of records (hopefully not too confusing) on the Discogs site includes foreign and promo releases (many not included on this Bread site) and needs to be examined carefully. Included is an EP titled "Six Tracks from His Forthcoming [second] Polydor Album" (Polydor 2800 102) which was released in 1976 in both Germany and the U.K.
    ALSO: The site has a listing which includes a single on the Centaurus label whose songs appear on the second Polydor LP.
    AND A French EP with songs from "Summer Holiday" is shown here.
    (Undoubtedly on the World Wide Web, there is more.)



label & no. A & B sides year
Reprise 20114 Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys / It's A Free Country 1962  
Reprise 20161 What Kind Of Girl Are You / A Little Like Lovin' You 1963  
Reprise 20178 Summer Holiday / Love Letters In The Sand 1963  
Reprise 20221 Little Miss Cool / Marie Is Moving 1963  
Reprise 0268 My Baby Made Me Cry / All My Loving 1964  
Reprise 0280 Running To You / Gotta Lotta Love (Ciribiribin) 1964  
Reprise 0304 Try / You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You 1964  
Imperial 66108 Walking To New Orleans / These Are The Times 1965 F
Imperial 66152 He Will Break Your Heart / Hard Row To Hoe 1966  
Viva 611 The Miracle Worker / Lookin' So Much Better 1967 A F2
Viva 627 Thank You Love / The Light Of Your Mind 1968 B F2
Viva 642 The Miracle Worker / Thank You Love 1970 B R
Polydor 14213 Breakin' Up Is Easy / Melody Maker 1973 B
Polydor 2066 407 Breakin' Up Is Easy / Melody Maker 1974 B
Polydor 14236 (promo) She Knows (stereo) / She Knows (mono) 1974 B
Polydor 14236 She Knows / Beachwood Band 1974 B
Polydor 2066 468 She Knows / Father And Son 1974 B
Polydor 14282 How Do You Say Goodbye / Treat Her Right 1975 B
Polydor POSP 466 Please Come Into My Life (duet with Terry Sylvester) /
If You Give Your Love To Me (duet with Terry S.)
1982 D X
Shoe SHO-1 Lonely Girls / Heartbeat 1982 B G
Holly & Lilacs (CD single) For All We Know (duet with Holly) 2005 E H

(The " – " indicates no release in the indicated format; e.g.,
this mark in the LP column would indicate digital release only.)

label LP no. CD no. title year
Reprise R-6091/R9-6091 Summer Holiday 1963 I
no label
510226 Summer Holiday / The Reprise Years 2004 I2
Real Gone Music RGM-0068 Summer Holiday 2012 I3
Polydor PD-6018 See Footnote
J below.
Breakin' Up Is Easy 1974 C J J2* J3* K N
Polydor 2391-113 Breakin' Up Is Easy 1974 C J K N
AFRTS RL 39-4 James Griffin & Roy Buchanan 1975? M N
Polydor 2391-274 James Griffin 1977 B K L* N X
Polydor POLD-5063 Griffin & Sylvester 1982 D X
no label or number indicated
(cassette only)
James Griffin's Greatest Hits
(A Legend in My Own Mind)
1997 M2*
no label
no number
Griffin & Sylvester
(expanded with 3 bonus tracks)     
1999 D M3
no number
Jimmy Griffin 2010 N2
Hux 136 Just Like Yesterday: The Solo
2013 N3
JAGARCCD1 Jimmy Griffin Archive Series:
Volume 1
2018 N4
JAGARCCD2 Jimmy Griffin Archive Series:
Volume 2
due in

More Noteworthy Albums

label LP no. CD no. title and description
Polydor 2383-394 Terry Sylvester: I Believe. James appears on a duet version of "Travellin' Boy" with production credited to Terry Sylvester & James Griffin. This duet does not appear on the U.S. version of the "I Believe" LP nor on any CD reissue. In its place is a solo version with production credited to Alan Parsons. 1976 X
no number
Cosmo & Robetta. Originally conceived as an animated film in the 1970s, this original soundtrack stands on its own and has several songs by Griffin including the original version of "Fly Away." CD is available and downloadable at CD Baby (click here). More description is on Page One. 2010  
no number
The Many Songs of Michael Z. Gordon. A collection of songs by Michael Z. Gordon, Griffin's first major songwriting partner. The Gordon-Griffin songs include "Apologize" (artist: Brian Hyland), "Love Machine" (The Roosters), "Get The Message" (Bobby Vee), "Save A Love" (B. Vee; see the Vee CD collection, below), "Take Away" (B. Vee), "Brink Of Disaster" (Lesley Gore), "Something Else Altogether" (by Jimmy Griffin himself), "Lookin' So Much Better" (Jesse Lopez) and "Main Street" (Gary Lewis). Presently available only as a digital download; click here. 2010  
no number
More! Of The Many Great Songs from Michael Z. Gordon. Another collection of Gordon songs including these collaborations with James Griffin: "The Other Me" (The Surprise Package), "Jessie" (Harpers Bizarre), "Apologize" (Ed Ames), "Get The Message" (Bobby Vee – also on collection just above!), "The Miracle Worker" (J. Griffin), "Hotel Indiscreet" (by Sagittarius with help from The Firesign Theatre), "Loving Two" (Peter Courtney), "It's A Long Way To Fall" (Michele Lee) and "Love Machine" (Pastoral Symphony). Presently available only as a digital download; click here. "Hotel Indiscreet" in this collection is the mono, single version by Sagittarius; the shorter, stereo version on the Sagittarius album "Present Tense" is without the Firesign theatrics. 2011  
EMI Gold 907 2062 Bobby Vee: Rarities. An essential collection for the Bobby Vee fan as it continues in the tradition of "The Essential and Collectable Bobby Vee" and "The Singles Collection" in revealing the wide variety of Bobby Vee's singing and writing talent. As with Bread and its individual members, Bobby Vee as he is best-known is not necessarily him at his best. Two Gordon-Griffin songs are featured: "Save A Love" (1966) and "Take Away" (1970). The former is revealed in the liner notes as a Vee-Griffin duet and is presented for the first time in stereo; the latter was originally available in a relatively obscure Vee cassette collection ("U. K. Tour '90"). Informative liner notes include James Griffin and David Gates in the list of Producers. This CD set with its digital download is reliably available from Amazon-UK. Amazon-US may only have the download. 2011  


CDs and CD-ROMs for Samplers

label title year
Ilio Double Platinum Drums 1996  
Ilio Double Platinum Rock Piano 1999  

Regular Audio CDs

label CD no. title year
Sonic Oasis/
MB Productions
SO-1001 Adults Only 2000 O



label & no. A & B sides year
World Pacific 77817 I Hear A Symphony / A Lover's Concerto 1965 P2


label catalog no. title year
World Pacific WPS 1836(stereo)
WP 1836(mono)
"In" Harmonica 1965 P
World Pacific WP 21838(stereo)
WP 1838(mono)
Boss Baroque 1966 P2
MCA 6279 Mountain Moods 1989 Q
Capitol 93956 Mountain Moods 1990 Q
Capitol 94382 Urban Gypsy 1990 Q


A = Released as by James Arthur Griffin.

B = Released as by James Griffin.

C = Released as by James Griffin & Co.

D = Released as by Griffin & Sylvester. Sylvester is Terry Sylvester, a former member of the Hollies.

E = Released as by Holly with James Griffin. Holly is Holly Cieri.

F = "These Are The Times" appears to be the first of Griffin's compositions to be released on a 45 by him.

F2 = Sometimes the matrix numbers are given in place of the catalog numbers for these records in discographies, catalogs and other listings: Matrix nos. for V-611 are V-190 and V-191; matrix nos for V-627 are V-294 and V-295.

G = One finds in recent Griffin biographies the fashionably oft-repeated sentence: "Shoe Records in Memphis issued a number of his singles." However, over the past two dozen years or so, I have only been able to track down and obtain copies of this one.

H = This duet with country-style overdubbing was subsequently released on a CD single. Hopefully the "un-countryfied" version will appear in the new Jimmy Griffin Archive Series (see footnote N4 below).

I = This is the original 12-track LP. Digital reissues are listed separately below.

I2 = This particular "Summer Holiday" reissue CD is subtitled "The Reprise Years" and contains the 12 original tracks from the LP plus 7 of the Reprise 45 sides not originally appearing on the LP – including Griffin's very first release, "Girls Grow Up Faster Than Boys." An alternate version of "Marie Is Moving" is added which is sung in Italian with the same accompaniment as the single (which is sung in English) and titled "Nei Baci Di Un Altro."

I3 = This reissue has the original 12 album tracks (in stereo) plus all 9 singles-only tracks (in mono) – thus representing all of the Reprise tracks released in the 1960s. As of 2011, the 12 album tracks have been downloadable on iTunes and This CD is on the Real Gone Music label and states it is manufactured by Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. The Bear Family label lists this CD for sale on its website here. Perhaps Bear Family will someday get the idea to do a comprehensive box set of Jimmy Griffin's recording career! This could be decades from now in the midst of a real Bread Renaissance.

J = On the track "Goin' Back To Boston," synthesizer artist Michael Iceberg is featured. In early 2002, the "Breakin' Up Is Easy" LP was reissued on CD by the Japanese Dreamsville label but at an exorbitant price.

J2 = Coming with the earlier copies of the "Breakin' Up Is Easy" LP in the U.S. was an inner sleeve showing session details. Here are photos: Front and back. Note the two tracks done while Bread was still together: "She Knows" and "Love You Till The Cows Come Home." David Gates (as "David" or "Dave") is listed as playing bass on both songs and 12-string guitar on "She Knows."

J3 = Photos of the 8-track issue of this LP are here and here. The latter photo shows the protective cover. Note the order of the songs.

K = In early 2013, both Polydor LPs were released on CD (with two extra, bonus tracks) which has yet to appear on this table. Click here for details on the Main Page.

L = Photos of the "James Griffin" LP (i.e., the 1978 UK release of the original 1977 LP released in Germany): Front cover, back cover, details from back cover (track listing and origin of LP), and the record labels (side 1 and side 2).

M = Records pressed on the AFRTS label were intended for use by the Armed Forces Radio and Television Service primarily for broadcasts to armed forces personnel overseas. As per the photo, this LP contains 6 tracks selected from the "Breakin' Up Is Easy" LP by James Griffin and 5 from "That's What I Am Here For" by Roy Buchanan, another 1974 Polydor LP.

M2 = This was a self-promotional cassette with very limited distribution to interested parties. Photos of the inserts are here and here, and the cassette itself is shown here. (Personal phone numbers are hidden.) See the Nashfilms Records CD (and note N2 below) for the officially-released collection of demos.

M3 = Six tracks are included on the French Terry Sylvester CD compilation "Complete Works" (Magic Records 3930048).

N = Includes participation by all 5 members who have been in Bread.

N2 = This is the first official collection of previously-unreleased Griffin songs. In the U.S., has the album here along with downloadable MP3s.

N3 = This is a historically noteworthy James Griffin release consisting of his two Polydor LPs from the 1970s (noted in the album list) along with two bonus live tracks. This CD was released in early 2013 by Hux Records in Europe. Track listings and other information are here, and it is available from Amazon/U.K. where you can read some great reviews.

N4 = Some more information about Volume 1 is here. Several more volumes in the Archive Series are being planned.

O = See the notes on the CD Baby album page where you can also sample and download the tracks. Mike's action-packed video of "The Wait" is here; it was originally on a bonus CD-ROM along with "Adults Only" on CDBaby.

P = A Larry Knechtel solo release under the name "Larry Nelson." (Catalog nos. apply to LP. Tape and CD releases doubtful.)

P2 = Released as by The Carmel Strings featuring Larry Knechtel. Sometimes thought of as a Larry Knechtel solo release. (Catalog nos. apply to LP. Tape and CD releases doubtful.)

Q = Catalog number applies to whatever form the album has been released in. I am unaware if these have been released as CD, cassette and LP, and I would appreciate clarification. Some listings of "Mountain Moods" have been as "Mountain Woods," and this mistake was reproduced herein previously.

R = Reissue single.

X = Records released in Europe containing material not concurrently available in the U.S.

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